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Watch the videos below and learn about what makes the Center so unique.

SCCC: 50 years of providing affordable mental healthcare to Los Angeles

In 1966, Hans Hoffman, a psychologist, and Ben Weininger, a psychiatrist, founded the Southern California Counseling Center with a belief that no one should be denied mental health counseling because of limited financial means.  Since that time, SCCC has evolved to provide an array of programs and services designed to address the diverse mental health needs of the communities we serve.   Our mission has remained the same and we continue to believe that mental health care is a right, not a privilege.

Trauma & Resiliency Training & Services

Trauma & Resiliency Training & Services at the Southern California Counseling Center consist of equipping counselors with all the necessary tools to assist clients process and heal from a traumatic experience that often renders them ‘stuck’, as noted by clients who struggle. Processing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and learning about how to stay in one’s ‘resilient zone’ is one example of the specialized therapy available to our clients. Additionally, we are the only known Center to offer EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) at a sliding scale.

School Based Counseling

SCCC sends counselors to six nearby LAUSD schools to provide free on-site counseling to struggling students. In addition, an invitation is extended to come to SCCC where the entire family can engage in counseling at the Center — also for free. This service is made possible by the support of generous donors and grants.

Psychiatric Care Services

The Southern California Counseling Center has hired a Psychiatrist to help fill the gap in meeting our clients mental health needs. Services are offered to existing clients who have no where else to turn for affordable, accessible, reliable care.

The SCCC Friends:  A Model for Giving

In its early days, the Center was fortunate to be adopted by a group of women who called themselves ‘The Friends of the SCCC.”  These women are largely responsible for SCCC’s independence from government funding, as well as freeing us up from our mortgage debt.  We owe much to these ladies — this video was made a few years back when the last of our friends Dorothy Merchasin was able to join us for a chat.


This video is posted with humble gratefulness and in loving memory of The Friends:

Dorothy Merchasin, Ida Cahn, Millie Berger, Dorothy Hecht, Alice Davidson, Ruth Merin, Betty Sefton, Denise Smith, Edie Steel, Marion Horowitz, Sylvia Ocskay, Neysa Turner, and many many more.