Michael Koch, Executive Director

Dr. Glenna Anderson, DSW, LCSW, Clinical Director

Taleene Armen, Client Contact Coordinator; Special Projects

Brandi Bakewell, LMFT, Director, School Based Program

Kim Cookson, PsyD, Director, Trauma & Resiliency Training & Services

Marianne Diaz, Director of Outreach Services

Rachel Donaldson, Trauma & Resiliency Training & Services

Richard Dowaliby, Weekend Front Desk Manager

Tina Espinoza, Office Manager, Watts

Moj Farazian, LMFT, Director, The Abuse Prevention Program

Danielle Feinerman, LMFT, Clinical Coordinator

Nick Fisher, Communications & Technology Director

Christina Ford, MD, Consulting Psychiatrist

Joshua Gonzales, Clinical Client Coordinator, Watts

Ben Hall, LMFT, Training Coordinator

Sharon Hanson, Supervising Accountant

Kathryn Heymann, LMFT, Weekend Clinical Coordinator

Chris Ho, MD, Consulting Psychiatrist

Alyssa Johnson, Advancement Manager

Mallory Leitner, LMFT, Somatic Training Coordinator, Watts

Gene Lichtenstein, LMFT, Weekend Clinical Coordinator

Vivian Lu, Accounting Manager

Maureen McGlynn, LMFT, TAPP Program Coordinator

Marisa Rios, Office Manager, Front Desk Supervisor

Tamara Satterwhite, Administrative Coordinator

Maxine Sevilla, Client Contact Coordinator

Jonathan Vickburg, LMFT, IT Consultant

Kristen Welke, Outreach Program Manager, Clinical Training Coordinator

Arezou Yashoua, LMFT, Director, Parenting Program; Psychiatric Coordinator

Vadym Zhyrov, Client Contact Coordinator