Community Counselor Course begins Jan. 15th

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Since 1992, Southern California Counseling Center has been offering the Community Counselor Course (CCC) to the people of Los Angeles twice a year, with classes beginning in January and July.  This course (if we can honestly call it a course, because it is more of a journey) is a learning process and much of the learning is about you: what impacts you, how you react to those around you/your ‘clients’, and how you impact the relationship with those around you, especially those you work with.  We believe that in order to support others, you must feel supported.  We ask: how do we care for ourselves when trying to support those who have such little support?

CCC 47 Grad Pic 2Time and time again, we hear students reflect on the sense of community created amongst the participants, stemming from our value of ‘shared learning,’ acknowledging that everyone can be a student and a teacher.  A variety of topics are touched upon throughout the six-month course such as trauma, substance abuse, the LGBTQI community, dealing with loss and/or grief, resiliency, and more.


Marianne Diaz, Director of this program for over 17 years and reflects:  “Each graduation reminds me of why we do this amazing program. The opportunity to witness the building of community and building capacity to support the most underserved communities and populations through those who have their boots on the ground is a humbling experience.  I have been in non-profits my whole career life but until I came to the Center and experienced CCC myself, I did not realize the importance of learning self-care.

Congrats to our recent grads who as of December 11th are now part of a rich tradition and learning community!

January 15th marks the beginning of CCC class #48!  Register today!

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