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Volunteer gardeners spruce up SCCC’s new Watts building with a succulent garden!

Beginning in January, 2018, SCCC began leasing a 6-room building on the WLCAC campus to function as a satellite counseling center in Watts.   The building is already busy with clients, counselors and groups.  On Sunday, February 18th, Kim Cookson, Director of SCCC's Trauma & Resiliency Training & Services program, lead a team of volunteer-gardeners in planting a succulent garden around the exterior of the new building. Don't let the familiar brick exterior fool you... this is not Mid-City Special thanks to Kim Cookson, Will Daniel, Melinda Vyvyan, Michael Manzo and Candace Yoder for spending their Sunday hard at work in Watts

Newsletter, Spring 2018: Honor Roll Edition

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