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SCCC’s FAST FACTS – the Center in a nutshell

    Given all the programs, services, trainings and groups on offer at the Center's multiple locations, it can be difficult to grasp the full scope of SCCC's activities as an organization.  To help, we put together a Fast Facts page which highlights and summarizes some of the more interesting statistics and information about the Southern California Counseling Center.  Take a look.  

SCCC Alumna Sheva Rajaee gives a TED Talk: “Addicted to the Answer – Anxiety in the Age of Information”

Sheva Rajaee, MFT is a Southern California Counseling Center alumna who specializes in the treatment of variants of Pure Obsessional OCD (“Pure O”), with a focus on Relationship OCD (ROCD).  We are thrilled to share the video below, in which Sheva presents a TED Talk at TEDxUCLA which explores anxiety in the information age.  

Newsletter, Summer 2017: Annual Report Edition

Click here to review SCCC's 2017 Summer Newsletter: Annual Report Edition  

SCCC’s School-Based Program – counselor Lindsay Sullivan’s perspective

Each year, the School-Based Program here at SCCC provides mental health services for about 100 LAUSD students. Faced with constant budget cuts, schools are often forced to eliminate mental health services, and these students may not otherwise have access to much-needed counseling. Our counselors have the opportunity to be a consistent presence in a student’s life, and this resource can be life-changing, as Lindsay speaks to below: "This year I had the incredible opportunity to work as a counselor at a local high school in Los Angeles. The teenagers in our communities face challenges that are overwhelming in scope—in addition to the pressures of ...